Round vs Square Hot Tub

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Round Woman In TubShould you buy a square hot tub or a round hot tub?

Today most hot tub manufacturers build square hot tubs.  Square hot tubs are less expensive to build even though they tend to cost more.  Nordic's Round Hot tubs are more affordable and have a number advantages.

What are the benefits of a round spa?

  • With more people in the tub, you just scoot over and do not have to sit on a hump.
  • Round tubs take up less space on your deck but give you greater space inside (i.e. more people).
  • Round spas are more traditional
  • With a round tub, you get a true whirlpool
  • Often times round tubs are less expensive to operate
  • Round tubs tend to be deeper than square for full body immersion
  • From one spa forum poster, "my kids love whirlpool mode on the xl, it spins them around the tub!"
  • Plug 'n Play - the majority of the round tubs we sell require a regular 110v outlet and water.

SpaTek sells and services the popular Noridc "ROUND" hot tubs in the greater Los Angeles area.
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