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LA Times Group Of Friends Having Pool PartyYou bought your hot tub from SpaTek and we installed it in record time for your first Spa Party. 

Now how do you prepare for the first of many Hot Tub parties?

Before you text all your friends agout the party, keep these tips booked marked so you know you'll throw the perfect hot tub party.

1. Keep some extra swimsuits and towels around

You've been there - you go to a friends house without a bathing suit and everyone is in the pool and spa.  Make sure you have it covered with extra swimsuits (a variety of sizes) and be sure you plan to have extra towels around. 

2. Soaking and what else?

Your guests will not spend the whole time in your tub - well most won't.  Be sure you have alternative activities ready.  Here are some:
  • A variety of card games is always a winner
  • Some age appropriate board games
  • Light snacks and munchies are a must
  • Call out to a manicurist and spoil your guests with a mani-pedi
  • Have you favorite movie or music playing

3. Its a numbers game

There is a capacity in your hot tub.  Make sure you invite the right number of people to your spa party. Don't leave anyone dry! 

4. Clean and maintain your spa before the party

You can have SpaTek regularly clean your tub and test the water.  If not, make sure your tub is clean and the water is balanced.  Contact us if you need a hand and you don't have time.
310-539-SPAS (7727)

5. Listen to the music

Background music makes the mood.  Is your party mellow, a throwback, or screaming - make sure your music matches the mood you want to set.

6. Drink and sink

We always suggest you soak in your spa before you drink any alcohol at the party,  The warm water speeds up the process of inebriation, and will increase the chances of a hangover.

Have plenty of water, ice and other beverages easily at hand.

7. Decorate the area

Besides the music, make the decorations around the house and out by the Hot Tub match the mood you want to set.

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