Salt Water for Hot Tubs - Myth

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The Salt Water Pool Myth for your California Spa.
The salt water pool may be the most misunderstood concept in the Hot Tub & Swimming Pool industry.

The Myth: Chlorine-Free

Who wouldn’t want a soft, silky, chemical-free, maintenance-free pool? A pool or spa in your Los Angeles home that uses natural salt instead of chlorine…a pool that’s good for your skin and hair and with the healing power of the ocean. The buzz over salt water pools spread like wildfire between 2005 and 2008. Sales of salt water pools skyrocketed. By 2008, over 60% of new pools constructed were built with salt water systems.

Heap Of Sea Salt In Original mythThe Fact: Salt Systems

Chlorine Salt in it’s natural state is not capable of sanitizing. Salt has to be converted to chlorine through electrolysis, a power intensive process that uses an average of 500 watts. Salt system derived chlorine has the identical chemical makeup as chlorine purchased in a store. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, the industry trade group, provides education, certification, and standards. according to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, “A salt pool equals chlorine pool”.

The Other Problem with Salt Salt is corrosive.

Salt accelerates the destruction of equipment and structures - coping, decking, plaster, pumps, heaters, ladders, and lights can all be damaged over time. It’s become such a problem that many pool builders require salt system buyers to sign legal disclaimers, as the damage is often not covered under the pool’s warranty.

Do salt systems create dangerous by-products?

Since salt water pools maintain high levels of chlorine, unhealthy chlorine by-products are created. For pool owners who already have salt sytems, SpectraLight can be added to salt water pools to lower chlorine levels and destroy the chlorine by-products.

Salt and the Environment

Salt can be very harmful to the environment. Unlike chlorine, salt does not naturally discipate. A typical salt water pool has 530 lbs. of salt, creating a major problem when it’s time to drain the pool. Salt can sterilize soil, kill trees and plants, and harm wildlife. Municipalities are taking action. Many cities prohibit backwashing salt pool filters and draining salt pools. Some cities are fining offenders thousands of dollars for violations, while other cities have banned saltwater pools all together.

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