Round vs Square Hot Tubs and Spas

Written by Hot Tub Repair Expert on . Posted in News, Blog and Tips

Written by Hot Tub Repair Expert on 29 August 2016. Posted in News, Blog and Tips

WaycasterWhich hot tub shape is best?

Have you considered a round spa?

There are definite benefits to owning a round hot tub.  Many people look at square tub primarily because they are cheapest to make and as a result you see more of them.  A round hot tub are superior when you consider the following aspects.
  • There is more more internal space in a round tub that does not have "stations" or recliners.
  • Round tubs have no-barrier seating - you can easily slide around the tub and "skootch" next to your loved one.
  • With a round hot tub you will get a true whirlpool experience
  • There are no sharp edges, bumps or seats in a round spa
  • The feng shui of the round design is simplicity and elegance
  • With a complete whirlpool, you get hydrotherapy in the front and the back
  • Maintenance is easier compared to a square tub when it is flush in corner
Spatek does sell square tubs, but with a round hot - we're the loop.
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