Diagnosing Spa Jet Issues

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There are usually only a few things that can be the problem when a spa jet is completely not working or is just not performing as well as it should be.

1. Low air flow- Check that your water level is high enough first. If that seems to be fine check that the pump is set to high and the jet is not closed by a diverter valve.Check to make sure any air flow nobs are not set the closed position. It is possible there is a clog caused by hair and lint build up.  This can be checked by removing the spa jet internal. Also check the filter for build up.

2. Leaking Spa Jets- Check to make sure the lock nut mechanism is tightened. A leak could mean a gasket seal is broken or a dab of silcone is needed to reseal and retighten.

3. Broken Jet- A few of the smaller components that make up an entire jet bodyncould by themselves become damaged and render the jet inopperable.  Check that the threads on the insert jet are stripped.  The eyeball fitting on the inside of the jet can pop out. Also, the bezel ring can become cracked.

These simple diagnosis steps will help you determine if you are able to fix the issue yourself or if one of the experts from Spatek needs to pay you a visit.
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