Hot Tub Ozonator Repair

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Troubleshooting a Hot Tub Ozonator is fairly simple.  Basically, if bubbles are not coming from the bottom of your tub or out of the ozone jets something is wrong with your ozonator.

The amount of ozone produced automatically depletes over time. Putting ozonator replacement on your calendar every 12-24 months is a good idea.  If you are more of a fix as you go person then just few replacement parts could be the issue. The ozone check valve, the ozone hose, and either the CD chip or the UV bulb, depending on your model.  Since the Hot Tub Ozonator prices are reasonably low most people just opt to replace the whole thing at once.

Spatek can give you a quote on the replacement and installation of new Hot Tub Ozonator

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