How to keep the critters out of your spa.

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raccoon in poolA couple of tips to keep unwanted pests out of your spa

Soaking in a spa is very relaxing and attract people - your friends and family. Owning a hot tub means that people will always want to come over and enjoy the soothing and healing powers of the heated water.

Like hot tubs attract people, they may also attract unwanted bugs and varmints.  Here are some of the more common tips on preventing them from becoming a drain on time, money, and resources.

Clear the area of food

You are likely to attract pests with food left around your hot tub area.   When you go camping, use the same motto, "Leave no trace."  Rats, raccoons will dine on crumbs and fool left out.

Secure the cover

A strong sturdy cover is usually good for better insulation and security; it is also a good guard against pets and unwanted animals.  Make sure the cover is sealed to keep the critters away. 

Cabinet critters

Be sure to inspect your cabinet on occasion to make sure wasps or mice do not make their home in your cabinet. They burrow through holes and wreak havoc to your tub.  Seal any cracks and fill any crevices where these pests could crawl.

In general keep your or your neighbor's pets away from your hot tub.  As an extra security measure, you can always install a gate all the way around your hot tub to keep away larger animals.
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