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ELECTRICAL: Gecko - Control, Gecko in.xe-5, P1, P2, Bl, Oz, Lt, Ac, 4.0kW, 115v/230v - 0602-221022, 3-72-7018

Gecko IN.XE - 3-72-7018, 0602-221001, 0602-221015 - WiFi Compatible Control System

Gecko control IN.XE 5 11 H4.0 1 2 B O D 32KGD1Gecko IN.XE - 3-72-7018, 0602-221001, 0602-221015

This Control System is WiFi Compatible.


This innovative in.xe Aeware by Gecko spa control system contains available circuits as described below. To activate the circuit, simply remove the colored key enclosures from the field unit, replace the blanks on the new control box with the key enclosures, and plug in the existing cables. That's it!
  • High Current Pump 1 circuit, 1 or 2 speed, 120v or 240v, 20A max
  • High Current Pump 2 or HC Blower circuit, 1 speed, 120v or 240v, 20A max
  • Two Low Current AC relay-controlled circuits for blower or ozonator, 120v or 240v, 5A max
  • One Low Current AC direct power circuit for audio/visual accessories, 120v, 5A max
  • 4.0kW heat.wav heater, 2"s tailpieces x 15" length
  • Installation and Instruction manual
  • Two-Year manufacturer's limited return and repair warranty
Free Delivery and Installed By A Master Spa Repair Technician

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