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ELECTRICAL: Aeware, Gecko IN.YE-5-H5.5 Spa Controller Kit w/Topside IN.K450, Cords, 5.5KW

Download one of the iPhone Apps, and use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer to control your Gecko IN.YE Controller remotely!

Aeware Gecko IN.YE 5 H5.5 Spa Controller Kit wTopside IN.K450 Cords 5.5KWAdvanced electronics! Water Resistance! WIFI control from your iPhone! Aeware by Gecko IN.YE-5-H5.5, aka Y-Series, Controller Kit with Topside Panel IN.K450. Application is 220V 60Hz Power Supply (4-Wire required for 220V). Setup to operate Pump1, Pump 2, Blower/Pump 3, Ozone and Circ Pump. Heater is 5.5KW on 220V application. Available as a Field Configurable Kit, or Factory Configured (Plug-N-Play)!

Product Description

  • IN.YE-5-H5.5 Controller with 5.5KW Flo-thru Heater, 0610-221030
  • IN.K450 Topside Panel with Overlay, 7-Button, 10ft Cable, 0607-005012
  • TWO Amp Cords, 2-Speed, 14 AWG, 4-Wire, 4ft, 95100519
  • TWO Amp Cords, 1-Speed, 14 AWG, 3-Wire, 4ft, 95100517
  • Light Cable with Socket, 8ft, 9920-400489
  • Light Bulb, Clear, 12V, 12W, 40-175-9912
  • Pair of 2 inch Heater Split Nuts, Heater Tailpieces and O-ring Gaskets
  • Topside Cover (Adapter) Plate, 8.5" x 3.9", 9917-102123
  • Supplemental Installation Instructions (Included and also available online. See Tabs Above)
  • Quick Start Card (Included and also available online. See Tabs Above)
  • System Flyer (Only Available Online. See Tabs Above)

Tech Book (Only Available Online. See Tabs Above)

Free Delivery and Installed By A Master Spa Repair TechnicianINPUT CONNECTIONS:

220V 60Hz Power Supply (4-Wire required for 220V. Neutral Required)
Pump 1, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max*
Pump 2, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max*
Blower/Pump3, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max*
Ozone, 110V/220V, 6A Max*
Circ Pump, 110V/220V, 6A Max*
Direct (Audio/Video), Constant 110V/220V, 10A Max*
Keypad, C1
Communication, CO
Light, 12V, 12W (1 Intensity), 1A Max*

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