Spa Pump Repair Service

4 HP Waterway Spa Pump 2 in out Side Discharge 56 Frame 240VWhat should you do if drop in your spa for a soak and find the water doesn't seem to be moving.  The pump on your hot tub is the component that works the most.

Without a pump your spa is a big bathtub.  Water is pulled from the tub, through the filter, then back out the jets.  Pumps are fairly self-sufficient; regularly change the filter, and an occasional water change - that is about it.  There are things that can go wrong, however. 

Common Problems

1. Can't Take The Pressure

If you notice high or low filter pressure, there are many possible causes.  The jets, the skimmer basket or even the impeller could be clogged by dirt and debris. Shut off your spa, give it a good cleaning with hot tub cleaner and start the pump again.

2. Water Leaks

Another common problem most hot tub owners run into are water leaks.  Often, these leaks are caused by damaged o-rings in the pump housing, a leaky shaft seal, or just plumbing fittings that aren't properly tightened.

3. The Motor Turns On and Off

This is a symptom of a more serious problem.  More often than not your hot tub pump has an electrical problem or it may be overheating.
  1. The motor is going bad
  2. The wiring has a problem
In either of these two cases, you'll need to replace &/or repair the spa pump.  You will need knowledge of electricity and the proper tools. In most cases, wiring must be repaired or replaced or you may even need a brand new motor  Unless you are a avid DIY-er, give us a call and we can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and within your budget.

4. Motor is Running but Nothing is Happening

If you can hear the motor running but the water isn't circulating properly, you could have a damaged motor or even an impeller. In other more minor cases you could simply have a clog in your system. Shut down your hot tub and check for clogs and then inspect the impeller for damage. If all of these check out, you may need to shop for a replacement motor. You may just need to replace the hot tub pump altogether.

5. Pump Will Not Prime

After draining and cleaning your tub, and it doesn't prime, there are some simple things to do.  Make sure to bleed all of the air out of the system before starting it.  If the pump looses its prime, check the filter for debris.

Sample of Our Work (before & after)


Customer called to see what could be done to upgrade their old Spa that no longer works and is not energy efficient. Also the existing deck had warped rotted and wanted a none maintenance deck replacement.

deck before

Our Solution:

After review, we discussed what features of a Hot Tub was most important to them and their deck layout. The Nordic Crown 2 was the right Hot Tub to provide the therapy and efficiency that was of high importance and we replaced the deck with composite layout that is maintenance free.

deck after


This customer needed to have the filtration system enlarged and water flow increased. Alan redesigned the existing installation to facilitate the requirements with the added benefit ease of serviceability and much needed space.

filter before

Our Solution:

Reconfigured the equipment layout to incorporate the Higher Capacity Filter. Now equipment is completely serviceable with ease. This layout also increased flow rate and allows for additional storage space.

filter after


The HOA of this condo complex contacted us to provide them with ideas on the how to resurrect their courtyard Spa that has been down for a number of years as the spa shell and the equipment required replacement due to its age of over 25 years and to do so with-in their limited budget.

decking before

Our Solution:

We were able to accomplish this task by incorporating the Nordic Crown XL into the existing deck layout at half the cost. Also because the Crown XL is fully self contained (equipment is with-in the Hot Tubs cabinet) this opened up space adjacent to the deck that was previously taken up by the old equipment.

decking after


This customers spa equipment had been giving them problems over the years with the latest being the gas heaters internal leak from the heat exchanger, a costly repair. This costly repair wasn't warranted due to the overall corroded condition of the Heater and related equipment.

before pump heater

Our Solution:

A complete equipment upgrade was the best solution for this project which also provided greater energy efficiency and eliminated corrosion issues. Clean and Simple is what is best.

after pump heater

Hot Tub & Spa Repair

bad used hot tubDid you buy an used spa and it looks like this? Call Spatek - 310-539-SPAS (7727)At Spatek our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible as well as the most highly trained spa repair technicians who can diagnose and repair any problem at the lowest possible rates. 

Spatek provides service to the entire South Bay area.

Do you have any questions, repairs, chemicals, filters and any other hot tub and spa related concerns?  Call: 310-539-SPAS (7727).

Spatek is a full service company providing you with anything that you may need for your hot tub or spa. We offer repair service, chemical and filter sales and spa start-ups, hot tub moves from one location to another, answers to your questions by qualified and certified spa technicians and any other hot tub or spa related products or services you may need.

We are your one stop shop for hot tub and spas of all makes and models.

Hot Tub & Spa Services Overview

SpaTek hot tub repair technicianExpert service and repairs for all makes and models of spas, hot tubs & jetted baths, inground or above ground.

Alan Lee is a Master Spa Technician, and will personally assist you with all of your spa/hot tub needs. SpaTek maintains a large inventory of replacement parts that allows for efficient component level repairs, keeping your repair costs to a minimum.

SpaTek professionals are just a phone call away and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

GareyCall anytime.

Visit our "Testimonials" page for some before and after pictures.

SpaTek services includes:

  • Scheduled field service and repairs.
  • In-shop service to assist the do-it –yourselfer.
  • Equipment repairs, up-grades & modifications.
  • Leak detection and repairs.
  • Spa & Accessory installations.
  • Spa school (learn to operate and care for your spa/hot tub).
  • Woodworking, cabinets, gazebos, decks, & fences.
  • Inspections, Evaluations, and Consultations.

All services are guaranteed.

SpaTek is also a warranty repair center for many manufactures such as:
Sundance, Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Cal Spas, Aquatic Industries, to name a few.

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