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To: Sundance Spas. Attn: Mary. Re: Spa repair by SpaTek.
Dear Mary, The spa technician from SpaTek has just completed the repair on our relatively new Altimar Sundance Spa.

He was the friendliest young man, reassuring us that if we should have any future problems, he would be available to us any time. As you know, we have had considerable problems after the sale. I mailed you copies of unanswered e-mail and letter sent to the original sales person, Ryan A. The other Sundance dealership in Torrance, were more concerned about how much work would be involved in the repair, and would they be compensated amply.

We truly love our spa. It brings us much pleasure. Also we feel reassured that our spa warranty will be honored as it should be honored.

Thank you for referring SpaTek. They are there for the customers needs after the sale. That is important to any customer. Also the young man who serviced our spa today truly is a genuinely caring technician. He lifted our spirits after our lengthy attempt to have some resolve.

We wish you a very happy holiday and hope the New Year is a very prosperous one for Sundance Spas.

Most Sincerely, Rose Neveux / Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
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